Friday, December 17, 2010

halo reach, falcon guide

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The falcon is a very good and power full vehicle in halo reach. It is the only 3 passenger vehicle in this game, two seats are guns, and one seat is the drivers seat. Like the warthog both guns on the falcon can over heat. Before you get to far into this vehicle let me show you a picture of it

 This is a modified version of the hornet from halo 3. The hornet only had 3 seats and one gun, so the falcon is a much better vehicle then the hornet. The controls on this thing are amazing! When you are driving you use the left thumb stick to control the movements, and the right thumb stick to control the camera, and the X button to lock altitude. (the button to lock altitude may vary depending on your controller layout) Now let me give you some tips and pointers on how to use this vehicle. So if you are driving, your number one job is to look out for banshees (CLICK HERE FOR A BANSHEE GUIDE) and any other enemy, or enemy vehicle. Since the guns are on the side (as shown in the picture above) you should point the side of the falcon to any enemy threats so the gunners half a good shot at anybody that poses a threat to you, or your team. Also make sure you are communicating with the players, that are in the gunners seat via Xbox live headset, just in case there is a threat that they don't see. This is to all the noobs out there that play on Xbox live. Please! If you don't have someone to man the gun on a vehicle don't take it! You are a blasted idiot if you take a vehicle with no guns for the driver and just drive around the map! All thats going to do is destroy the vehicle you took (or the enemy is going to jack it) and  hinder your team! Sorry about that I just needed to get that out of the way, because that really needed to be said. Now if you are a gunner make sure you are also communicating with the driver, and the other gunner. (if there is another gunner) If you listing to your driver, and take out any threat coming your way, then I can almost guarantee you, that you will not die any time soon. Another thing I am going to point out is, that the falcon is found in a lot of objective game types. That means when you get in the drivers seat, you do this thing that I call "PLAY THE OBJECTIVE!" there has been way to many times that I have been in the gunners seat of a falcon and watch my driver camp the enemy's spawn, while one other enemy captures the flag (let me know in the comments if thats just me)

that is all I really have to say about the falcon
Here you go. I found some really sick wallpapers today for you guys. Enjoy!

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